What Is Stanlib – A Complete Guide To Register

Here is a complete guide to registering on Stanlib.

What Is Stanlib?

STANLIB came into existence in 2002. It is a venture that is between Standard Bank and Liberty Life. STANLIB is a multi-specialist asset management firm with the ultimate aim of connecting retail and institutional clients with a wide array of investment opportunities across asset classes and markets.

STANLIB believes that multi-specialist investing can help in the overall achievement of extraordinary results.

How Good Is STANLIB?

Based on 37 reviews left by unknown employees, STANLIB has an overall rating of 3.6 out of 5. This means that 85% of employees will be willing to recommend the services of STANLIB to a friend with a 54% positive outlook for the kind of business. In the last 12 months, this rating has immensely increased by 6%.

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What Is STANLIB Income Fund?

The STANLIB income fund is a designated portfolio of all of STANLIB’s investment schemes. The manager of this portfolio is the STANLIB Collective Investments (RF) (PTY) Limited and he makes authorization based on the Collective Investment Schemes Control Act.

How Does STANLIB Operate?

STANLIB investments come with no tax on interest, capital gains, or dividends. It is a straightforward saving solution that is uniquely transparent, cost-effective, and helps people, especially during their retirement ages.

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With the STANLIB investment, all the investment does is save money and that money they have saved earns them an interest where taxes and capital gains will not affect or be deducted from any of the interest accrued.

So the distribution net income will be calculated and accrued daily which will then be distributed quarterly.

How Much Can I Invest With STANLIB?

An investor can invest as much as R5,000 minimum with a minimum debit order of R500 or they could otherwise invest R3000 per month as a maximum.

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How Do I Register STANLIB Online?

To register for STANLIB online, kindly follow these simple steps;

  • First and foremost, the applicant will have to visit this link https://secure.stanlib.com/web/account/login
  • Once there, head straight to the ‘Register’ and tap on it
  • Proceed to select the client and the type of user you are
  • You can now key in your identification details and click on next
  • Following that, an OTP will be sent to either your email address or your cellphone with your login details
  • Go back to the landing page, key in your username and unique password, and proceed to do your business

How To Check STANLIB Balance

To check your STANLIB balance, simply send the balance to this shortcode 43939 and wait to receive your balance details.

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How Do I Check My STANLIB Statement?

There are two ways one can get their statement.

  • They can either call in the absence of an internet connection this number 0860 123 003 and follow the prompts to receive their statement
  • They can equally login into the self portal, get on their profile and request to view their balance by keying in their username and unique password

How Long Does It Take To Withdraw From STANLIB?

When it comes to Money Market Funds, the withdrawals could receive the price the same day if and only if a complete instruction was sent and given 1200hrs prior notice. On the other hand, Repurchase or Withdrawal payments may take up to 48 hours to reflect on the investor’s bank account depending on the type of bank they use.

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How Do I Access My STANLIB Account?

To have access to your account, all you have to do is to visit the official website of STANLIB at https://stanlib.com/paperless-faq/. Click on login to direct you to the self portal. Once there, you can log in by keying in your password and username.

How Do I Pay Into My STANLIB Account?

  • Visit the official website here https://stanlib.com/paperless-faq
  • Click on internet banking once there
  • Proceed to select payment and add a beneficiary to it
  • Then select STANLIB Collective Investments
  • Then your reference and investors name
  • You proceed to Beneficiary Reference: STANLIB Unit Trust Account Number proceeded by leading 0’s that will form a 10-digit number

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How Do I Make An Additional Investment?

  • First and foremost  visit the STANLIB page here https://stanlib.com/paperless-faq/ to login
  • Once there, you will be privy to seeing all the multiple investments you have at your disposal
  • Click on the portfolio that you wish to add the additional investment to
  • Proceed to click on Transact Now which will be found under the Additional Investment tab
  • Select the type of Debit Order you wish for
  • Key in the amount you wish to invest
  • You can now go ahead to select the source of funds and the account to which it will be debited
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