Unisa Registration: How To Register, Dates, Fees & Requirements

Is Unisa Registration Open For 2022?

The University of South Africa’s Unisa registration 2022 remains closed. The registration is typically between August and November. Unisa extended its 2022 registration from January 31st to February 4th, 2022. Unisa Registration is normally done when Unisa applications are done.

Students were required to make sure they made payment of the designated registration fee by the close of day on February 4th, 2022.

However, Unisa’s short learning programs were registered from September 13th, 2021, to February 28th, 2022.

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What Is The Closing Date For Registration At Unisa

The management of Unisa confirmed that the closing date for the 2022 registration is February 14th. It meant that the final date for which the minimum payment of the registration fee was slated for February 17th, 2022.

When Is Unisa Registration 2023 Date?

The University of South Africa will open registration for the academic year on August 11th. It is expected to end on November 12th, 2022.

How Much Is Unisa Registration?

The registration fee at Unisa for one module is R2000. If you happen to register for two modules, you will be paying R4000 and R6000 if you register for three modules.

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Documents Needed For Unisa Registration 

The applicant must make available the following documents and have them uploaded before starting the registration process to register at Unisa.

  • A complete copy of the applicant’s school qualifications that is either Senior Certificate or National Senior Certificate
  • All copies of your tertiary certificates if and only if they are applicable. Applicants must note that internet copies will not be accepted
  • A copy of the applicant’s identification card if they are South African and a passport if they are international students
  • A copy of a marriage certificate if and only if they are applicable and a marriage decree if the applicant is divorced.
  • An affidavit of all translations if the documents are not in either English or Afrikaans

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All files must be;

  • The documents uploaded must not exceed 2MB or 2048KB each
  • Papers submitted must be in black and white and not colored. The latter will be rejected
  • The type of files accepted include PDF, DOC or TIF

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How To Register At Unisa

To register at the University of South Africa, applicants should follow these simple steps;

How Can I Get Proof Of My Registration On myUnisa?

To get proof of registration from myUnisa, the applicant needs to follow these steps;

  • First and foremost, they should log in to the myUnisa and then proceed to click on myAdmin
  • Proceed to click on Edit Registration
  • Request for a registration letter
  • A PDF of the registration will be sent to your myLife email account

How Do You Check If You Are Registered At Unisa/Unisa Registration Status

Once your registration is successful at Unisa, a confirmation email will be sent via your myLife email account. The applicant can equally request a confirmation through their myUnisa, and a copy of the confirmation will be sent to them.

The finalization of registration happens if Unisa receives payment of the fees during registration which must be paid before the closing date of registration. It may take up to three months before Unisa finalizes registration. 

This is because the process is based on the choice of study by the applicant and also on the score.

Does NSFAS Pay For Registration At Unisa?

NSFAS indeed provides payment for registration for Unisa students. However, this only applies to applicants registering for the first time.

Students on NSFAS are required to pay the minimum registration fee to activate their registration. It should be noted that the amount will be refunded by the NSFAS. This refund will be made available within 21 days.

Unisa Registration For Teaching

If you are registering on 1 module, a payment of R2000 must be paid whereas on 2 module payment of R4000 must be paid.

Pre-Registration Questions Answered

  • What do I do if I don’t register during the registration phase?

Unisa does not accept late registration, so an applicant must wait until the next admission phase to register once the stage passes.

  • Am I allowed to register at Unisa and another university simultaneously?

This can only be allowed if your registration at Unisa is for a non-degree purpose. That aside, the applicant must present an official letter from the other university confirming that they have allowed for that registration.

  • Am I allowed to register for two or more formal programs at Unisa simultaneously?

Sadly, no. An applicant will not be allowed to register for two or more formal programs at Unisa.

  • Do you want an academic record or credit certificate? Here is how

The applicant has to submit a request through their myUnisa, and it will be sent to their myLife email account. The applicant must know that the file will be protected, and they can only access it with their unique password and username.

  • How do I register for a module I registered for previously but failed to write the exams for the module?

The applicant will be able to sit for the exams when the results for previous exams are released, but they should be written before the closing date of these exams.

  • Will I be able to continue with my degree program if I did not register with Unisa for years?

First and foremost, the applicant should find out if Unisa still offers that degree program they were offering previously. If it has been excluded, then the applicant needs to reapply, making sure they go by all the re-admission rules and regulations.

  • I registered online- what is next to do?

The applicant must be patient. The registration process typically takes time, within 48 hours. Also, applicants must note that the registration process only starts after a minimum payment of the fees refects at Unisa.

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