PSIRA Registration Process – A Complete Guide

PSIRA is an abbreviation for the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority. This is a South African body that is responsible for setting standards as security is concerned for any company that seeks to start a private security company. This means that every company is mandated to register with PSiRA.

What Is The Purpose Of PSiRA?

The sole purpose of PSiRA is as mentioned before to set security standards for private companies that wish to enter into the security profession.

Again PSiRA sees to the regulating of private security companies thereby having control over the ins and outs of these companies.

Who Can Register For PSiRA South Africa?

It must be noted that not everyone is eligible to register for PSiRA South Africa. For someone to register, they must be;

  • He or she must be an adult, that is 18 years and above
  • The applicant must have a permanent residence in South Africa
  • The applicant must have no criminal record

What Are PSIRA Registration Requirements

The requirements needed to register at PSiRA may differ from company to individual. Here is a list of requirements expected from both companies and individuals who wish to register with PSiRA.


  • The grading of all staff members, directors, partners, trustees, and managers will have to undergo PSiRA grading
  • A proof that your company has been registered
  • A clearance tax certificate, VAT registration number, and PAYE number
  • A UIF and COID registration if and only if they are applicable
  • If nothing at all, a business plan for one year
  • An office location that is not mobile


  • Applicant must be at least 18 years old
  • They must have a permanent residence in South Africa
  • They must have no criminal record
  • They must have completed PSiRA training at an accredited training center
  • They must not be a part of the police force nor the military and for that matter any intelligent body. If the applicant happens to be a former, they will need clearance before acceptance
  • They must make sure to pay the registration fee

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Advantages of PSiRA Registration

Once a company, a security company so to say registers with PSiRA, they enjoy these benefits;

  • The company becomes a security service provider in South Africa. It becomes verified, legitimized, and will be listed as a PSiRA registered security. It should be known that everyone loves to work with companies that can be trusted and that is what PSiRA registration does
  • PSiRA opens a wider door for companies that have registered with them in terms of grants and loans and tenders

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How To Register With PSiRA

Here is a simple process to follow to have your company registered with PSiRA

  • First and foremost, applicants need to gather all their document that is relevant to the requirements and all other additional documents. SwiftReg is responsible for gathering these documents from the applicant
  • The next stage is the preparation stage where all the documents presented are prepared into segmented PSiRA requirements
  • Then is the stage where documents are double-checked to make sure that everything is in order
  • At this stage, the applicant makes a payment of R6750 as the registration fee. The applicant is supposed to send proof of that payment. Applicants must bear in mind that the fee is non-refundable
  • The final stage is where the applicant submits their application form with all documents including proof of payment of the registration fee

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How Much Is PSiRA Registration Fee?

For the registration fee, businesses are expected to pay an amount of R6750 and individuals pay R210.

Is PSiRA Registration Compulsory?

The direct answer here is yes, it is compulsory to register with PSiRA. This is because, it is a criminal offense not to have your security company, your staff, and all others registered. The general public is advised to report any security company which is not registered to authorities.

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How Does The PSiRA Set-Up Process Look Like?

The setup process is in four stages and they are;

  • The Consulting Stage- this is where PSiRA studies your business and come up with the suitable plan and the document that will be required for that type of registration
  • Application Submission- once the requirements have been met, the stage is where the applicant fills and completes the applicant form with relevant information and submits it together with all the required documents
  • Site Visitation- at this stage, PSiRa will confirm with the applicant and give a date when they will be available to visit where their office is stationed and also to ascertain that they meet the PSiRA standard
  • The PSiRa Certification- after a satisfactory visit, the company will then be awarded a PSiRA Certificate. This means that the company is now registered and verified by PSiRA

How To Verify PSiRA Online

To verify for companies or businesses, follow these steps;

  • You have to visit the official website
  • Proceed to click on the business verification link right under the online services
  • You then have to enter your PSiRA number or search by company name
  • Enter the captcha image
  • Click on submit to verify your PSiRA online

To verify individuals, follow these steps;

  • You have to visit the official website
  • Proceed to click on the individual verification link right under the online services
  • You then have to enter your PSiRA number or ID number
  • Enter the captcha image
  • Click on submit to verify your details

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How To Get PSiRA Certificate

After going through all the PSiRA processes, the applicant will have to wait for 6 to 8 weeks for the application to be processed after which an SMS will be sent to them for collection. It must be noted that the person who registered for PSiRA must be the one to pick up the certificate.

How Long Is PSiRA Certificate Valid For?

For individuals, their certificate is valid for 24 months whereas Business certificates expire after 12 months.

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Where Can PSiRA Certificate Be Renewed

Anyone registered individual or business that is looking to renew their PSiRA certificate can do so at any of their nine branches.

How Can PSiRA Certificate Be Renewed?

To renew your certificate, you will need the following;

  • A copy of an identification card
  • The old PSiRA certificate
  • Proof of payment and
  • You can visit any of the offices for the renewal

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How To Book PSiRA Online?

  • You have to first visit the official PSiRA website
  • You click on online booking
  • You then proceed to enter your name, PSiRA number, phone number and the service name
  • Complete the forms and submit them to book

How To Renew My PSiRA Online Booking

To renew, visit this link to complete the form

How To Check PSiRA Status

You can either call this number at 086 133 3850 with your ID number to find out if PSiRA has accepted you or go on the official website. Click on online verification, proceed to enter your ID number, click on I’m human, submit and wait to read your status.

PSiRA Contact

Do you have any issues or complications during your registration process, if yes, kindly reach out through any of the below means;

Postal Address: Private Bag X817, Pretoria, 0001

Physical: Eco Glades 2 Office Park, Block B, 420 Witch-Hazel Avenue, Highveld Ext 70, Centurion

Tel 012 337 5500 / 086 133 3850

Fax 012 326 6128 / 086 246 7750


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