How to Register With HPCSA

How to Register With HPCSA – HPCSA is an abbreviation for Health Professional Council of South Africa. It is a body established to provide education, proper training, and registration of all professions under the health umbrella and registered with the health profession act. The HPCSA is statutory and falls within Sections 2(1) of the Health Profession Act.

Vision Of The HPCSA

  • “A progressive regulator of health professions aspiring to quality, equitable and accessible healthcare.”

Mission Of The HPCSA

  • The HPCSA sets up contexts relevant to the expected and accepted standards for healthcare, training, and practices.
  • The HPCSA also makes sure that the general ethics of healthcare professionals are maintained and adhered to
  • The body makes sure that they maintain and strengthen the status quo by propelling competence programs.
  • The HPCSA sees that all health professionals continually comply with all rules and regulations that govern their practice.
  • The HPCSA also acts as a mediator between the public, stakeholders, and healthcare professionals by engaging them and providing relevant information.

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Values Of The HPCSA

The HPCSA has three values that are prominent to them, and to make sure these values are visible, the HPCSA;

  • Administrator hallmarks effectiveness, professionalism, responsiveness, and efficiency
  • Advocate and Advisor hallmark respect, dignity, honesty, and integrity
  • Regulator aspect see to the transparency, consistency, accountability, and fairness aspect of the body

Who Can Register With HPCSA?

Healthcare practitioners in South Africa require to register under the HPCSA. There are nine categories under the registration. Here are the categories from which people can register.

  • Students
  • Internship
  • Public or Community Service
  • Supervised practice
  • Independent Practice
  • Private Practice
  • Specialized Practice
  • Sub-Specialized Practice

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What Are HPCSA Qualifications?

When it comes to the requirements needed to register with HPCSA, it will depend on the field of the individual. It means that the requirements differ from one specialization to the next.

For instance, to register as (H1) community service, here are the requirements;

  • An original form of a form 23 Community Service which has been completed by the applicant and by the higher institution they are schooling
  • A South African Identification Card
  • Registration fee
  • Proof of registration certificate from the Health Professional Council of South Africa

How To Register With HPCSA

To register with HPCSA, follow these easy steps;

  • First and foremost, visit the official website of HPCSA at
  • Once there, click on the menu tab labeled ‘online registration.’
  • Now, you have to create an account by using the 13-digit number on either your passport or ID card
  • Once that is done, you have to use that number as your username and create a password
  • When it is done, proceed to register
  • After successful registration, users can now make their payments by using this portal or by printing them out

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How Do I Renew My HPCSA Registration?

To renew the HPSCA registration, follow these steps;

  • Click on the registration tap once you land on the HPCSA official website, which can be found on the left navigational bar.
  • Click on the Renew button next.
  • Select a sector depending on your practice
  • Enter the respective addresses of the selected sectors
  • Proceed by clicking on next to renew your registration

When Can I Renew My HPCSA Registration?

According to HPCSA, registration is supposed to be on 31st May 2022, and this is because the deadline was extended. This carries through to March of the following year.

How To Check If You Are Registered On HPCSA?

To check if you are registered with HPCSA, follow these simple steps;

  • First, visit the Health Professional Council of South Africa’s official website
  • Once you have landed on the website, click on the access to the i-register menu tab
  • This will take you to the database of all persons who have registered with HPCSA

How do I Log Into My HPCSA?

To log into the HPCSA portal is simple. All that the member needs to do is;

  • Once you are on the official website, click on the online service
  • You can log in with your username and unique password if you have already signed up
  • Otherwise, you will have first to create an account to sign in

What Happens If I Don’t Pay HPCSA?

If a registered person with HPCSA does not pay their annual fees eight months after the due date, they will be erased and suspended from the system. They will only be reinstated when they have paid their outstanding debts in addition to the penalties.

How Much Is HPCSA Registration Fee?

The fees charged by the HPCSA as the registration fee depending on the individual’s specialization. This means that whereas midwives will be paying a different price, others will be spending an extra fee altogether.

For instance;

  • Registered Nurses and Midwives- R700.00
  • Enrolled Nurses and Midwives- R418.00
  • Enrolled Nurses Auxiliaries- R293.00

Applicants must check with their specialization to know the amount of money they are supposed to pay as charges.

Where Do I Send My Proof of Registration?

To be a member of HPCSA, members must pay a registration fee. This fee is charged based on the practice of the member. Once the payment is made, members must fax it to (+27) 12 328 5120 or email it to

How To Renew HPCSA Online Membership

To renew your online membership;

  • Visit the official website of HPCSA at
  • Click on the Online Registration tab once there and proceed to log in with your 13 digits, username, and password
  • You can now renew your membership once you have successfully logged in

How To Access HPCSA Card Online

  • Go on the official website of HPCSA
  • Click on the registration button
  • Tab on the button that has been indicated as active and click on proceed
  • At this stage, you will have to click on the options at the button on the page where your card will be displayed
  • To print your card, click on the print card button, save the PDF document and proceed to print

How To Pay HPCSA Annual Fees?

The HPCSA annual fees can be paid using the online portal, via a direct deposit, or by the use of EFT. It must be noted by all members that HPCSA does not accept physical cash.

How Do I Pay My HPCSA Bill?

  • Visit the HPCSA official website
  • Click on the online service
  • Tap on your profile and click on the statement
  • View the account statement— you can now make payment

What Is an HPCSA Certificate?

The HPCSA certificate is legally binding and proves that the individual whose name is on it is indeed a registered, health professional. This also ascertains that that person can practice in South Africa.

How Long Does It Take To Get An HPCSA Certificate?

It usually takes between 10 working days for the Certificate to be ready.

What Are Benefits Of Registering 

  • It gives members the legal right to practice
  • It equally ensures that unqualified people do not practice 
  • It serves as a guide for members to opt for the best practices there is
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