Netflix South Africa: A Guide To Signup, Plans And Prices

Netflix South Africa: What you have to know first and foremost is that Netflix is a streaming service. It is American-based as it is subscription-based. This streaming platform was launched on August 29th, 1997, and offers the service of films and movies from other products, which are distributed per one’s subscription. Netflix also has its production, and those are commonly referred to as Netflix Originals.

The excellent part about Netflix is that it comes with no commercials, unlike other streaming platforms. A subscriber needs an active internet and a smart device, iOs, Android, or Windows 10. Also, you can have your movies downloaded and watch them later without the internet.

Enjoy These Benefits While You Use Netflix South Africa

There are tons of advantages to signing up on Netflix in South Africa and disadvantages. It sure does. Below are some of the pros and cons of signing up on Netflix.


  • It is free of ads. We all get bored when in the middle of our favorite movie where suspense is burning up, it is interrupted by a casual advert. With Netflix, you can bang that door of ads in films or shows forever. It means you are not paying any amount to avoid adverts.
  • Netflix comes with multiple viewership. Once you subscribe to a plan, you can enjoy the platform with loved ones, and family members as the screens are limited to a specified number of people. Netflix, in all senses, is flexible.
  • Netflix allows subscribers to download shows and movies that they will be able to watch later, even without internet connectivity.
  • Netflix, since its inception, has proved to be user-friendly. No matter your educational background, you mostly like to find yourself around the platform.


  • Netflix users have complained that there are no Live sports or even concerts. Everything on the platform is pre-recorded, so it is a loss for someone who is a sucker for everything Live Sports.
  • Movies and shows are limited to the regions of the users. For instance, someone in the United States of America may have a more comprehensive movie library and updates than someone in South Africa.
  • Netflix is said to have a penchant for delaying movie and shows update. It takes them forever to bring the new seasons of shows to viewers, making it hard to keep up. One may have to resort to other means even if they have already subscribed.
  • When it comes to certainty, you cannot trust Netflix as they tend to take off shows as and when they want with no explanation whatsoever. For instance, Popular Guy and Family Man are no more on Netflix, and no one knows when it is coming back.

How Can I Sign Up for Netflix In South Africa

Signing up for Netflix is one of the easiest things anyone can set out to do. 

  • You need an internet connection. It’s something you cannot do without. If you have a 3G connection, it will work depending on your location.
  • You must make sure the device you have is compatible with the Netflix South Africa app. You can use the Netflix decoder, Smart Tv, Xbox, and Smart Blu-ray. You can also use an iPhone, iPad, Android phones, and Windows when you want to stream.
  • An account with Netflix enables you to log in and enjoy the movies and shows.
  • Make your payment. Payment varies based on the user’s plan. It’s paid monthly or annually.

To Sign Up

To sign up, follow these steps;

  • Visit the official Netflix platform at
  • Once there, click on JOIN and proceed by tapping NEXT
  • The next thing you need to do is to choose a package
  • Then create your personalized Netflix account by keying your email address and a unique password
  • Then select a payment plan
  • From here, your account is created, and you can enjoy the movies and shows at your disposal

What Are Netflix South Africa Packages Per month?

Netflix South Africa allows subscribers the freedom to select packages and the number of people to share their screens with. Below are the packages in South Africa.

Monthly Cost

Monthly Cost in South African Rand




Number of screens to use at the same time



Number of phones or tablets you can use for downloads



Unlimited movies, Tv Shows and Games

Watching on your tablet or mobile phone

Watching on laptop and tv

How Can I Pay Netflix South Africa

In South Africa, the payment ranges between R49 and R199.00 depending on the package chosen. Below is the payment plan.

  • All prepaid cards with these logos Visa, Mastercard, American Express
  • On the international front, the following credit and debit cards can be used Visa, MasterCard, American Express
  • All virtual cards from specific countries

Types Of Netflix South Africa Plan or Packages

These plans are;

  • The Mobile plan- this is the cheapest of all the plans. It will not grant you access to watch on your laptop or tv, but you still get access to unlimited movies on your tablet or mobile phone.
  • The Basic plan allows the user to use only a single device simultaneously, either a phone or a tablet. This means that you cannot use two devices at the same time.
  • The Standard plan- this plan allows the user to watch on their phones, their tablets, smart tv, and even a browser.
  • The Premium plan- this one allows HD viewing and also four streaming all at the same time.

What Can the Number Of Devices connect to Netflix South Africa?

Depending on the plan a subscriber chooses, they can connect as many as four devices simultaneously and stream from them simultaneously.

How To Watch Netflix South Africa/ What To Watch On Netflix South Africa

To watch the best series on Netflix South Africa 2022 as well as movies, follow these steps;

  • You should have active internet connectivity with no lesser than 5Mbps if you are streaming HD
  • Then get a mobile phone, tv set, or any device compatible with the app.
  • Continue to register for Netflix to have an account at
  • Pay for the plan you choose and begin streaming

Is Netflix South Africa Worth The Value

Sources have revealed that it is worth the value as most people have no intention of canceling their subscriptions as they are happy with the service.

How To Cancel My Subscription To Netflix

  • Visit the official Netflix page at
  • Sign in to your account
  • Click on Membership and opt to cancel

Is Netflix leaving South Africa?

The internet service providers in South Africa known as Telkom discontinued their engagement with Netflix. They decided not to renew the contract with Netflix. The streaming platform’s next move is not immediately known.

Is Netflix Free on DSTV?

No, Netflix is not accessible on DSTV. The price that will be paid is the same as you would have paid if you did not sign up via Netflix.

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