DPSA Vacancies: How To Apply And Requirements

The abbreviation of DPSA is the Department of Public Service and Administration. The DPSA is meant to establish norms and standards that make sure that the state machinery function efficiently. The department also sees to it that the standards set have adhered to the very latter. They are also responsible for implementing interventions that seek to maintain a compliant and functioning public service. The DPSA relies on a vision to promote professional, responsive, and productive public administration.

Their Mission includes;

  1. The Department of Public Service and Administration is to make sure all state types of machinery are functioning well and the norms and standards set are followed
  2. The Department sees to the proper implementation of interventions that seek to maintain a compliant and functioning public service
  3. The DPSA also directly promotes an ethical environment in the public sector that will seek out crimes aiming at preventing and combating them altogether
  4. It also seeks to improve public administration in Africa and on a wider scale internationally via dialogue and shared practices

Responsibilities Of DPSA

The role and responsibilities of the Department of Public Service and Administration are listed below;

  1. The Department of Public Service and Administration has set out to offer citizens an opportunity to apply for government jobs
  2. The DPSA equally has made it their motive to give qualified women in the country an equal and even better chance at getting a job
  3. The Department in a way seeks to get rid of or reduce the unemployment rate in South Africa to the barest minimum
  4. The DPSA is also dedicated to offering South African unemployed youth jobs
  5. Lastly, the Department of Public Service and Administration sustains government IT services, labor relations of government employees plus more

Requirements Before Apply For DPSA Jobs

When you are applying for a DPSA job, here are the requirements needed;

  1. NSC or National Senior Certificate
  2. A driver’s license with an appreciable experience
  3. A Diploma, an NQF level 7 or a Bachelor’s Degree which is equally relevant
  4. Most of the DPSA requirements are dependent on the type of job an applicant is applying for

Requirements for Specific Jobs

  1. For a job like a Senior Legal Administrative officer, the applicant needs to have eight years of working experience and an LLB Degree
  2. For a Financial Chief Officer position, the applicant needs to be equipped with five years of working experience at a Senior Managerial level and qualification in business administration- an NQF level 7
  3. For Environmental Control, an applicant needs honors degrees in Environmental Management, Law, or Physical Science and must be equipped with six years of working experience, minimum

What You Should Do Before Applying For A DPSA Job

If you are applying for a DPSA job, here is what you need to have readily available;

  1. A completed Z83 form
  2. An updated Curriculum Vitae
  3. A certified copy of the educational qualification, an identity document, and a personal document
  4. The completed form has to be submitted to the address provided in the advert
  5. In some cases, an applicant may receive an acknowledgment letter which depends on the department they applied to
  6. The reference number of the vacancy should not be forgotten

Jobs That Can Be Found On DPSA Include;

  1. Senior Legal Admin Officers
  2. Data Analyst
  3. Teachers
  4. Financial Officers
  5. Environmental Control officers
  6. …and others

How To Apply For A DPSA Job

  1. All persons applying for a DPSA job must create an account on the official DPSA official website
  2. Following that, the applicant has to log in with their unique username and password
  3. The applicant has to head straight to the Research and Policy Development Internship tap and click on the job profile. The applicant needs to make sure that they meet all requirements for the job they intend to select or go for
  4. In the Research and Policy Development tab the job profile, and fill in all spaces with the correct and required details. These spaces are marked with an asterisk and can be seen in the application form
  5. You are ready to submit your application. Press the submit button and wait patiently for the process to be completed
  6. If all other things remain equal, a registration number will be sent to the applicant’s phone or via email. This is to confirm that the application has gone through

What Is The Public Service Vacancy Circular?

This is a report, advertisements so to say that is published every week except in December. These reports seek to achieve one thing and that is to advertise vacant positions and jobs in the Public Service Departments to the general public. This Circular is issued by the DPSA but it has made it known to the public that it has control or is responsible for the content that comes with it. If any interested applicant has any questions about a particular post or vacant position, they have to contact the address that came with that particular advert.

How To Use Public Service Vacancy Circular- Applicant’s Guide

  1. Applicants must use the Z83 form where they are to make sure to detail the specific field of training, their qualifications, and their experience in addition to their Curriculum Vitae and must be addressed to the department where they found the vacancy
  2. If you are applying, you must make sure never to forget the reference number of the vacancy they are applying to
  3. If an applicant requires additional information about the vacancy they have applied for, they should direct all questions to the department where they found the vacancy. They should bear in mind that, the DPSA will not be made to answer such questions
  4. If applying for a DPSA job, the applicant needs to make sure they get in touch with the advertising department before the closing date of the vacancy

DPSA Application

To apply, visit the DPSA vacancies portal,  www.dpsa.gov.za. To view the latest DPSA jobs, visit this link https://dpsa.vacanciesjobs.co.za/

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