Unisa Banking Details – All You Need To Know

Not knowing which bank UNISA work with let alone the branches and how to make a transaction as far as Unisa Fees can be frustrating. If care is not taken, you might miss a deadline all because you weren’t presented or equipped with the right information as far as Unisa banking details are concerned.

This article seeks to do justice to this situation which can sometimes be a challenge to prospective students of UNISA or even already enrolled students of the university. So if anyone is looking for any information that concerns UNISA banking details, this is the right place to be.

Biography About UNISA

The University of South Africa comes as one of the largest universities in South Africa. As a university that is 149 years old, it enrolls about 400000 students from about 130 countries and a host of South African nationals including males and females. 

UNISA has its head office in Pretoria in the Gauteng region of South Africa. Overall, it has six campuses in South Africa with four of them metropolitan and the other two academic centers.

UNISA has eight faculties with several other courses which can be studied under each one of these eight courses. The University of South Africa is accredited by the South African Department of Education and Council of Higher Education.

Again, UNISA is registered with the South African Qualification Authority and came at 6th when universities were ranked by the Times Higher Education.

What Is UNISA Bank Account Number?

The University of South Africa has made it easier for students and prospective to make payments on their bills. If there is one thing that is peculiar to UNISA, it is the single fact that the university is cashless and hence, most things have to be paid by electronic means or through any of the payment means provided by the university.

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The UNISA bank account number thus is the official bank account of UNISA from the First National Bank of which UNISA is a beneficiary. This bank account is there for students to make direct payments by going through the payment process.

UNISA Payment Methods

For Unisa Banking details, the University of South Africa has made provision for a myriad of means through which UNISA bills can be settled or paid. Below is a list of these payment methods tailored to suit your convenience.

  • UNISA web credit card payment
  • Bank Deposit
  • Debit Cards
  • Electronic Funds Transfer
  • Credit Cards

How To Pay UNISA Application Fee

All persons applying to UNISA are expected to pay an application fee. An application fee of R120 is to be paid into UNISA’s account to kickstart the application process. Applicants must note that this money is not refundable and whether o, not the applicant is accepted into the University, the money paid will not be returned to them.

To pay the application fee, the applicant can use any of the UNISA payment methods to have it done. Alternatively, they can use the MyUnisa platform to make this payment as well.

And yes, if you are asking if you can use Capitec to pay your application fee, and no, you do not have to pay an application fee every time you apply to UNISA. This is because the application fee is a once-off payment.

UNISA Banking Details

For all South African UNISA students using First National Bank, here is how it goes;

  • The bank name should be: First National Bank (FNB)
  • The account name is: UNISA students deposit
  • For the account number: opt for UNISA on the list

For the reference let’s say it is Study Fees, do this: (study fees), Student Number, Space 5400374721(that is the study fee allocation number), and then add your eight-digit student number. If your student number is seven, add a zero. All deposit references should come with the respective fee allocation number.

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Students must also note that cash and direct bank deposits can only be made by students who have;

  • Their student card is available and ready

UNISA Finance Contact Details

To contact UNISA’s financial department, call this number 0800 005 311. Persons looking forward to making inquiries must make sure they book in advance.

UNISA Account Number

  • First National Bank- 627 9963 0382
  • ABSA- 4097930634
  • Standard Bank- 011554622
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