CIDB Registration – How To Register

This article seeks to talk about CIDB Registration and all that it entails. The questions that it going to find answers to include who needs to register CIDB, is it even necessary? what are the requirements and their benefits? For more of these answers, you are advised to keep reading.

What Is CIDB?

CIDB is an abbreviation for Construction Industry Development Board. It was established under parliament act 38 of 2000. Per the 3A Schedule, the CIDB is a public entity.

The CIDCB seeks to deliver globally competitive services. They equally do their bit to contribute to the socio-economic growth of South Africa.

What Is The Purpose Of  CIDB?

The purpose of the CIDB includes;

  • Empowering and sustaining growth and capacity development
  • The CIDB makes sure industry practices are adhered to achieve ultimate performance
  • They also see to it that, the industry is transformed with appropriate procurement practices
  • To give the best and only the best to clients

Who Needs To Register With CIDB?

Anyone who calls or brands himself or herself a contractor needs to register with the CIDB. It does not matter if they are South African nationals or foreigners working in South Africa, they need to register with CIDB because it comes with a host of benefits such as legitimizing your company and work.

Is It Compulsory To Register With CIDB?

Yes, it is mandatory to register with CIDB to perform all construction-related work. If the said project exceeds R200,000.00,  for the public sector, there is a need to register. Additionally, in the eyes of the private sector, if the project exceeds R10 million, then there is a need to have it registered.

Can I Register Online?

Yes, you can register online. You can register for Grade 1 here

What Does It Take Before CIDB Registration (Requirements)

It must be noted that CIDB registration comes in nine grades and the requirements may differ per the grade you are registering for. To register with CIDB, you need to meet the following requirements;

  • You need to be registered on the Government Central Supplier Database
  • A business bank account
  • Tax registration and certificate
  • Tax clearance
  • Share certificate

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How Much Are CIDB Registration Fees?

The fees that one will pay will depend on the grade they are registering for. Here is a list of the grades and their respective fee.

  • Grade 1- R450
  • Grade 2- R700
  • Grade 3- R1,100
  • Grade 4- R1,650
  • Grade 5- R2,500
  • Grade 6- R4,250
  • Grade 7- R9,750
  • Grade 8- R29,750
  • Grade 9- R55,750

Applicants should note that these fees include registration fees and an annual fee.

How To Register With CIDB

How To Login To CIDB

  • Click on this link 
  • Insert your CRS number, email address and password
  • Agree to terms and conditions
  • Click on sign-in to access your self portal

How Long Does It Take To Renew CIDB Certificate?

It will take as long as 21 working days for your CIDB certificate to be renewed. For renewal of the Grade 1 Certificate, it will take at most 48 hours for the change to appear on the CIDB website.

Should I Register With CIDB If I Am Registered With NHBRC?

Yes, there is a need to register with CIDB even if you are registered with NHBRC. Whereas NHBRC focuses on construction in the housing market, CIDB’s focus is pinned on all construction outside the housing market. They seek to serve different purposes.

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Will CIDB Registration Take Into Account The Contractor’s Skills?

As it stands, no, it does not but it is something that might come to be in the not-so-far-away future.

Does CIDB Provide Training For Contractors?

No, CIDB does not offer any sort of training for contractors as it is not a training institution.

Will A Contractor Be Given A Certficate After They Have Registered?

No, CIDB will not give a contractor any physical certificate. Once their registrations push through and they are given a grade, their names will then be published on the CIDB official website.

CIDB Contact

  • Postal- PO Box 2107, Brooklyn Square, 0075
  • Physical Address- Block N&R, SABS Campus, 2 Dr Lategan Road, Groenkloof, Pretoria
  • Telephone- 086 100 2432 / 012 482 7200
  • Fax- 086 681 9995 / 087 238 5555
  • Website-

Branch Offices And Their Email Address

  • Gauteng: 
  • Limpopo: 
  • Eastern Cape: 
  • Free State: 
  • KwaZulu Natal: 
  • Mpumalanga: 
  • North West: 
  • Northern Cape: 
  • Western Cape: 
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