SASSA – How To Apply And Benefit From The SASSA Grant

Grants are very essential to citizens in this modern day. In South Africa, SASSA Grant is one of the most sought-after grants in the country. With close to the entire population being on SASSA grant one would ask what is SASSA and what does it take for a South African to be on a SASSA Grant.

What is SASSA

SASSA as widely known is an abbreviation for South African Social Security Agency. The agency which was established in the year 2005 sole aim is to help share social grants on the ticket of the Department of Social Development. 

SASSA Requirements

As per each organization and its rules and regulations, it is only fair for the South African Social Security Agency to also enroll in what can make an applicant qualify for a SASSA grant. 

1. An applicant must live in South Africa

2. Must hold a citizenry permit

3. Must not earn anything more than R86280 or R172,560 if single or married respectively.

4. An accumulated asset of more than 1,227,600 and 2,455,200 if single or married respectively would not be able to access the SASSA grant.

5. Haven’t gotten any social grant

Types Of SASSA Grants

SASSA grants have various types of grants which one could definitely fit in with the necessary grant needed. 

1. A Child Support Grant

It basically supports parents to finance their children’s basic needs.

 2. Older Person’s Grant (Pension)

As widely known as the pension scheme, it helps support older people 60 years and above who earn nothing monthly.  

3. Disability Grant

This grant helps people living with disability to also earn a source of revenue at the end of the month.

4. War Veteran’s Grant

This is a grant which supports ex-military men and women who help during the second world war

5. Care Dependency Grant

This grant caters to children who have severe disabilities and needs full attention and medical support. 

6. Foster Child Grant

This is a type of grant one gets after a court puts a child under one’s care.

7. Grant-in-Aid

8. Social Relief Distress

All these are currently the types of Grants which operate under the surveillance of SASSA.

How Much Does One Get From SASSA Grant

An applicant less than 75 years gets an amount of R1,890 every month while those more than 75 years smile to their bank accounts with a sum of R1910.

How To Apply For SASSA Grant

There are two ways an applicant can put in their grant application. One is the offline method and the online method.


1. One must visit the nearest SASSA office

2. Fill in the necessary credentials on the forms you would be given

3. Your birth certificates, ID documents, and other related documents which would help in the application must be brought along to the SASSA office

4. In some cases, an applicant can send someone to apply on his behalf on the condition of the beneficiary being sick.

5. A receipt with your tracking ID would be given to you


Since it is arguably the biggest grant, do you know one can save going through all the unnecessary stress and apply to SASSA via online? Aww yes, you heard it right here!!

Before an applicant can make an application to SASSA, he/she needs to register and create an account first. Creating an account is simple and needs no expert to guide an applicant. To create a new account visit SASSA USER REGISTRATION

Steps To Apply Online

1. Kindly visit

2. Click on ‘APPLY FOR A GRANT’’

3. Choose between  “CHILD SUPPORT GRANT”, “OLDER PERSON’S GRANT’’ OR “FOSTER CHILD SUPPORT” since these three are currently the ones currently operating online

4. Enter your ‘’EMAIL ADDRESS’’ and “PASSWORD”

5. Click SIGN IN

How To Check SASSA Balance 

Checking of SASSA balance can be done through your cell phone that is via USSD or via WhatsApp. Another option is checking your SASSA balance online. 

SASSA Balance Via Phone

1. Dial *120*3210# or *120*69277# 

2. Follow the prompts

3. An SMS notification would be received with your SASSA balance 

SASSA Balance Via Whatsapp

1. Open your WhatsApp and send ‘’SASSA’’ to the number 082 046 8553

2. Respond with the word ‘’STATUS’’ in your next reply

3. Enter “YES” as next response if only your reference number is with you

4. Your mobile phone number used during the registration and applying for the grant is the next reply during your WhatsApp conversation

Sassa Payments Dates

After South African President Cyril Ramophosa announced the extension of the SASSA grant to 2023, a new set of dates for payments have been communicated to the general public. Dates for each payment of grants for each month are scheduled to take place from the 3rd, 4th, and 5th of every month till 2023. 

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