Apply Online To GDE Admissions 2021 – Step By Step Guide

Are you looking for who you can apply online for your child to get DGE admission as a Grade 1 or Grade 8 learner? Then you’ve come to the right article. In this post you’re going to learn the step by step guide to apply online for a GDE Admission.

Note: As Gauteng Province have compulsory basic education, the Gauteng Province Department of Education has made it simple for children in South Africa to access quality education with good teaching and learning experience for the well being of the child’s education. It is therefore, important for parents or guidance to know the process of getting admission for their wards to get a GDE admission. 


We have tried to simplify the application process to a ground understanding level. We also explain how to go about the application is exhumed fully; the forms, the required documents, choosing of schools for your child and what to do in case your application is denied or accepted. 

So let’s get straight to the subject. 

How To Apply For School Placement

This is a simple but very important three steps that you should follow in other to be able to apply for a school for your child/children. These are;

  1. Entering the detail information about you as a parent or legal guidance of your child.
  2. Entering your child’s/learner’s detail information.
  3. Applying to your choice of school.

STEP 1: Entering Details Of The Parent/Legal Guidance

This space in the application is solely meant for the parent or legal guidance of the child. You are to enter details as a parent, guidance or custodian of the child. The process is simple as this.

  1. You will have to open the official website of GDE which is Then you will need to accept the terms and conditions of the GDE application forms.  Once this is done, the page will open to a fresh page where you’ll fill your information detail as the parent or guidance of the child. 
  2. In the process, you will need to create your GDE account of which you will need your personalized username and password. The password has to be unique and consist of 8 characters, including a capital letter, small letters, a special character and numbers. Do not forget it, write it down and keep it in a safe place. However, if you forget the password or username, you can reset it
  3. When you are open to “Enter Parent/Guardian Details”, you’ll have to fill all spaces marked with asterisk. The information required here are simple like municipality, street name and number, your phone number and so on. Then, you will have to enter your South African ID number. You can leave the fields with the landline and email address.

STEP 2: Enter Details Of Your Childs Information 

This space is solely for the child or learner. You are to fill only your child or ward information in this space. Once you finish filling the parent’s details forms page, it will take you to the “The Learners Details.” The instruction here is simple and this is,

  1. Type the information of your child and indicate whether your child is South African or not, the identification number, province, and the child’s current grade. 
  2. Click on the submit button after you’ve finished filling the learners details. 

STEP 3: Apply To A School Of Choice For Your Child

This is the stage where you will need to choose the school you want your child to go. Already you know the school you’ve decided fit best for your child so we will not spend time to list the schools here. 

But you have to follow these steps in the selection of a school for your child. 

  1. You’ll need to choose one of the application available options which are: home address, sibling, work address, school within 30-kilometre radius, school beyond 30-kilometre radius and school of focus learning. There are also two options that you can use for placement but not for application; they are boarding school and previous school.
  2. After you have selected the option, either your home address or work address, the system will filter the school which is possibly close to your address to choose from. 
  3. When you choose option by taking into consideration the schools within or beyond 30-kilometre radius of home address, the system will provide you with all the schools within or beyond the radius so you can select a certain school. 
  4. Choosing “Sibling” option will also fish schools that your sibling attends after you have also filled the sibling information in the application form. 
  5. Then you will choose the last option which is “school or focus learning”. Remember the learner will have to complete the admission test.

Remember: Parents can apply to a maximum of 5 schools per child and it’s hopeful the child will be admitted in one of the 5 schools. 

What Next After Filling The Application Forms?

  1. After you have finished providing the information detail required in the application forms, you must Submit your application by clicking on the submit button below the final page of the application forms. Once you submit, your application forms will be sent to the all the schools you selected.
  2. You’ll receive an SMS that will confirm your successful application and let you know the schools you selected have received your application. You would be given a Waiting List Reference Number that will appear on the screen. The number means that your application was actually submitted. Please check if you get the SMS cause in case you do not receive it, you have to ensure that you have done everything in a proper way.

Types Of GDE Application Waiting List 

There are a total of six types of GDE Waiting List Reference Number of which you can get a notification from. They are;

  1. WA1 – Parent is living closest to the school in the feeder zone
  2. WA2 – A child has a sibling at the school 
  3. WA3 – Parent works within a feeder zone of a school 
  4. WA4 – Parent’s home address is within a 30-kilometre radius of a school 
  5. WB – Parent’s home address is beyond a 30-kilometre radius of a school 
  6. WA5 – Schools of focus learning 

After knowing all these, there are still required documents that are very important in the process of accepting your application for your child into the school you’ve selected. Now let’s see the required documents.

GDE Application Required Documents

After you have finished applying for the application through online, GDE will require you to submit the following documents in the school that you chose while applying. The list of all the necessary documents will appear on the confirmation note of application for South African citizens and Non-South African citizens.

The documents required for both Grade 1 and Grade 8 child are all the same. They are

  1. Identification document of the parent or guidance of the child.  
  2. Birth Certificate of the child
  3. Proof of your home or work address
  4. Immunisation/clinic document which should prove that the child does not have tuberculosis, tetanus, hepatitis B, polio, measles and diphtheria (if the child is applying as Grade 1 learner) 

Note: If the child is not a South African citizen, the documents required are slightly different from that of South Africans. Here are the specified documents for non-South African applicants.

  1. Passport of parent or guidance of the child. 
  2. Proof of your home or work address.
  3. The Asylum Seeker or Refugee Permit of the child.
  4. The most current academic report card of the school where the child is presently (if the child is applying for Grade 8) 

Note: It is very important to ensure that, all these documents are submitted to the school(s) you submitted within seven days. 

Application Open And Closing Date.

Well, know that you have fair understanding of the GDE online application, you might be wondering when you can apply, and when the application closes. 

Don’t worry; we are here to relay the GDE online application information to you as well so that you can apply in time to avoid being rejected.  

Note: The late application for 2021 Grade 1 and Grade 8 are opened from 22nd December, 2020 to 22 January 2021. This date is for parents who have not applied online. 

Parents who prefer to hand-deliver the documents to the school they selected may visit the school from 25th to 29th January 2021 to submit the required documents stated above by hand. There will be new updates for the GDE application on the official website of GDE soon.  We advise you to keep visiting the website for new update. The next application period should be commenced approximately in April or May.

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