University of Limpopo Online Applications – Explained Step By Step

The University of Limpopo (UL) has opened its application for admission for 2021, and you can now apply to study at the institute.

You are here to find out how to apply for admission to the University of Limpopo? We are going to take you through the necessary detailed information that will help you in your application to study at UL.

Certificate Requirement to Apply To Study at UL.

This is very important in your application process. You must make sure you meet all the application requirements before you attempt to apply for admission. 

To apply to study at UL, you will be required to submit your Grade 11 or Grade 12 examination results if you are a South African Student. This means you will need 

  • National Senior Certificate or
  • National Vocational Certificate

Note: With the National Vocational Certificate, you will need an endorsement that allows entrance applicants to study a degree or an equivalent qualification at UL. 

Ways To Application To UL 2021

UL has provided two ways to apply for admission to study at the institute for the 2021 academic year. They are online application and paper-based application forms.

  1. Apply to UL Via Online

You should remember that you can apply to UL by online application only from their official website. You should not buy into any other website that promises you to apply through them.

This application form is for both undergraduate and post graduate applicants for 2021 academic year.  Applying via online is free of charge.

These are the few things you should have to apply to study at UL via online.

  1. A valid email address for information exchange with UL about your application, whether you are admitted or rescinded to study at the university.
  2. A South African Applicant will need to provide an Identity Number (ID Number). A Foreign Applicant will need a passport number.

 Applicants below 18 years old will need a parent/guardian ID Number/Passport Number.

  1. Specify if you prefer a residence in UL in your form.

Note:   Take note of this when filling your application form. 

  • You have to complete the application forms fully and accurately.
  • Write your name in the manner they appear on your ID/passport
  • You should specify the names of your first choice and second degrees (if applicable.)
  1. Apply to UL Via Hardcopy/ Paper-Base

If you are the type of person who wants to do things with hardcopy paper, UL also has the space for you. You can also apply manually by hardcopy for admission to UL 2021 academic year. 

This application form is also for both undergraduate and postgraduate applicants for 2021 academic year.  Unlike the online application which is free, apply through hardcopy paper-base comes at a fee.

Cost of Paper-Base Application Forms

To apply manually, you will need to download the UL application forms from their website.  UL 2021 Application Forms

South African Student Applicants will pay a fee of R250.00 Foreign Student Applicants will pay a fee of R350.00. 

Note: Application fees are not refundable, if you are not admitted into the institution.

These are what you need and do in filling your hardcopy paper-base application to study at UL.

  1. Undergraduate and Postgraduate applicants can use the same forms but you will have to specify the qualification you are applying for at the necessary provided space in the form.
  2. A South African Applicant will need to provide an ID Number; A Foreign Applicant will need a passport number. (Applicants below 18 years old will need parents/guardian ID Number/Passport
  3. Specify if you prefer a residence at UL in your form.

UL Postal Address to Post Your Application.

After you have finished filling your application forms and wants to submit to UL. Here is the postal address to send your form through.

University Registrar

University of Limpopo

Private Bag X 1106



Note also that, once you have opted to do manual application, you cannot forward your application form through a Fax or email but only the postal address. 

How Do You Pay Your Application Forms Fees?

You will pay your fees for UL application forms only through the official bank account they have provided for applicants. You should not dive into believing any other website or bank account aside what we are showing you in this article. 

Account HolderUniversity of Limpopo
Bank NameStandard Bank
Account Number030131405
Branch Code052548 
Branch Code (Electronic Payment)051001
Account TypeBusiness Current Account
Swift AddressSBZA ZA JJ

For more security and trust, we advise you to still check and verify the bank account detail from the UL website UL 2021 Bank Details For Application Forms Payment.

As we told you from the beginning of this article, UL 2021 application forms are opened.

We wish you good luck in your endeavor to study at UL of your preferred professional course.

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