MyNSFAS Account: How To Login To MyNSFAS Account

As its core responsibility to support and help finance undergraduate tertiary education in South Africa, NSFAS as widely known has grown to be the most sought-after bursary in South Africa. 

With its birth year in 1999, the National Scheme Fund Aid Scheme NSFAS under the primary company  Department of Higher Education and Training has an annual budget of ZAR30 billion to help aid students throughout their stay at University. 

After the NSFAS application, an applicant needs to have a MyNSFAS account which helps an applicant to check and receive their payments. 

In this article, we have outlined all the steps to CREATE a MyNSFAS account if an applicant doesn’t have one and also if an applicant has one how to login in and access the accounts. 

How To Access MyNSFAS Account

To create your NSFAS account is as simple as reciting the alphabet. All an applicant with the scheme needs first and foremost is to create an email account. Remember your passwords must be strong to help your security system. 

Below is a step guide to accessing the MyNSFAS account 


Visit the official website of NSFAS via  


When the website is fully loaded, navigate your mouse cursor to your far top right and click on ‘’MyNSFAS’’.


Provide your username and password


Navigate your mouse and click on the “MY PERSONAL DETAILS” tab.


Provide your current cell phone number or email address and click on update your details. 


Once you update the new information, a One Time Pin (OTP) will be sent to the new number and email address. 


Enter the OTP and submit and the new details would be successfully updated. 

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Steps To Reset MyNSFAS Account Password

In some cases where an applicant forgets their password, there is a way the system can help you reset your password

  1. Provide your “ID NUMBER” on the “FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD” area 
  2. Navigate your mouse cursor and click on “FORGOTTEN YOUR PASSWORD” and click on submit
  3. An OTP would be emailed or SMS to your phone which you would have to type in and click “SUBMIT” again
  4. At this next step, all an applicant must do is to create a strong rememberable password
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