UWC Application Status And Prospectus

Are you thinking of applying to the University of Western Cape? Do you have your prospectus yet? If not, worry, as this article will outline how an applicant can access the UWC prospectus. Also, have you already applied with UWC and waiting to track your UWC application status? Are you getting nervous as the days go by as the decisions about your application are unknown? Well, worry not, as this article would help all applicants track their application status at the University of Western Cape. 

As the only University that first accepted students from all races in Western Cape, UWC has since grown to be among the most sought-after universities in South Africa and its environment. 

The university is located in Bellville a city in Cape Town. The school has nurtured numerous South African personalities.

Every year, students from near and far send applications to the University of Western Cape wanting to enroll in the institution. 

The University, established in 1960, can now boost over 20,000 student population, and each year, the numbers keep increasing. 

How to Access UWC Prospectus

The prospectus serves as a guide to help every applicant wanting to enroll at the University of Western Cape. 

The UWC prospectus is a vital book with a list of courses, admission requirements, and other applications related to the University of Western Cape. 

Accessing the prospectus can be done via the University’s website at https://www.uwc.ac.za/ or an official PDF format of the prospectus has been uploaded. 

Few steps to help applicants access the University of Western Cape (UWC) Prospectus

  1. Visit https://www.uwc.ac.za/ as it is the University’s solely and official website.
  2. Navigate your mouse to the menu in your top right corner and click on “UNDERGRADUATE ADMISSION.”
  4. Scroll your mouse cursor to “Download General Admissions Criteria” and click on it, and yes, you have your UWC Prospectus there. 

How To Track UWC Application Status

At this stage, a student’s quest to be enrolled in the University of Western Cape is one every student wishes it comes as quickly as possible. For you not to know what a decision made by your application can be, a moment you would never expect it happened to you. 

So to end this whole anxiety and ‘unstableness’ is for prospective applicants to start tracking their UWC application status. UWC application status gives applicants a fair idea of their decision about their application. 

The University of Western Cape has also made it easier for its applicants to track their application status. 

Below is a step-by-step guide for applicants to track their UWC application status

Access the University of Western Cape’s official website

At this stage, the applicant can surf the internet by accessing https://www.uwc.ac.za/ by mobile phone or computer

The Application Status

At this stage, you scroll your mouse cursor after the website has fully loaded to the top menu, which is labeled “APPLY NOW,” and click on it, which will open a new page packed with information.

Check Status

Kindly navigate your mouse cursor down after the new page is fully opened and click on “CHECK STATUS,” which will open a subsequent new page. 

Application Status

Now scroll to “APPLICATION STATUS” and click on it. Your details, including your South African ID number, Passport number, Application Number, and Email Address, must be provided. Next is to click “SUBMIT,” and then viola; your application status decision will stare at your face. 

We wish all applicants all the best as they check their University of Western Cape (UWC) application status.

UWC Contact Details

In the case where an applicant is facing challenges can contact UWC via phone and email.

Contact Centre – +27 21 959 3900/01 

Email – admissions@uwc.ac.za

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