How To Track Funza Lushaka Application Status 

How To Track Funza Lushaka Application Status  – Are you an applicant of Funza Lushaka and want to know your application status? Wondering what is the next stage after applying for the bursary? Well, we have in this article outlined the step-by-step guide to help applicants track their Funza Lushaka Application status. 

As its core value is to help many South Africans enroll in the teaching industry, it was just as wise for the government to have brought Funza Lushaka as it has helped many South Africans embrace the teaching industry in the country. 

After applying and being accepted to the bursary, all that a beneficiary needs to do in return for the scheme is to teach in a public school in relation to the rules of the bursary scheme. 

How Much Does Funza Lushaka Pay Per Month

This basic question of how much is due for a student who decides to be part of Funza Lushaka often always is being asked by prospective applicants to have a fair idea as to what the offer entails before agreeing to be part of the bursary scheme. 

Well with this all the applicant has to know is that Funza Lushaka main aim is to provide the basic necessity for students on the bursary scheme during their stay in school. The Funza Lushaka bursary covers student tuition fees, accommodation, and learning materials. 

Remember that an amount of R600 per month is always paid to the beneficiary to help support their day-to-day basic living expenses. 

Are You Going To Pay Funza Lushaka Back?

An applicant on the Funza Lushaka is not expected to pay all the money spent on them during their stay in school as it is part of the bursary scheme’s core value to make the teaching sector attractive. 

All that an applicant must do in return for the cash funded by them is to teach in a public school for a number of years equivalent to the number of years an applicant was supported financially. 

How Much Does Funza Lushaka Give to Students?

The Funza Lushaka Bursary Program will be in its fifteenth year running in 2021. A measure of R 1, 308, 024, 000 is distributed by the National Treasury for the Funza Lushaka Bursary Program, in 2021. The normal worth of the bursary across every one of the 24 organizations in 2021 is assessed to be about R105, 568.

How To Check Funza Lushaka Application Status 

An application status can commence after applications for Funza Lushaka are closed. Though a duration an application can start tracking theri application is yet unknown, an announcement for tracking application are always made via Funza Lushaka respective social media handles as well as through online portals. 

Below are a few steps an applicant can use to track their application status with Funza Lushaka


First an applicant with Funza Lushaka must visit their official website. 


Provide your EMAIL ADDRESS AND PASSWORD used during registration or application of Funza Lushaka. 


Click on ‘LOGIN’


Well there is actually no step 4 as with this after an applicant after login can check their application status. 

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