NHLS – How To Register And All You Need To Know All About NHLS

What is NHLS? How to Track and Trace?

The NHLS which stands for National Health Laboratory Service is 21 years old. It is a South African national and government institution that was birthed by the merging of the South African Institute for Medical Research, the National Center for Occupational Health, and the National Institute for Virology.

The NHLS forms a 265 network of laboratories that provides diagnostic pathology services to all of the public hospitals and clinics in South Africa. It is also responsible for training all pathologists in South Africa which is achieved by partnering with all the nine medical schools in South African Universities.

The Role Of The NHLS

  1. The NHLS provides support for Occupational Health Services
  2. They are responsible for the diagnosing, monitoring, and treating Tuberculosis
  3. They are responsible for Cervical Cancer screening
  4. They are tasked with rolling out the national anti-retroviral roll-out program
  5. The NHLS responds to the outbreak of diseases and its surveillance

The Mandate of The NHLS

  1. The NHLS makes sure to provide efficient and effective laboratory services to all public health providers at reasonable and affordable prices
  2. They also see to the conducting and supporting of Health Research
  3. They also provide avenues to train and promote Health Science Education

The Vision of The NHLS

  1. Aims at providing high quality pathological and clinically effective laboratory services at a reduced price

The Mission of the NHLS

  1. To see to the provision of adequate, effective, and efficient laboratory and pathological service with trained and competent professionals using the state of the art technology, accurate research to come up with innovative solutions

What are Track and Trace?

The emergence of Covid-19 amongst other things necessitated the Track and Trace. This Track and Trace is a systematic operation that seeks to manage the spread of Coronavirus. The Track and Trace make sure that individuals can detect when they come into contact with a person who was already infected with the virus. This made it easier for many countries to track and trace Covid-19 persons and also come up with measures to isolate and caution others about the spread of the virus.

According to a report, Track and Trace may differ from one country to the next in terms of the designs and functionality but the goal for the Track and Trace remains the same and that is to reduce the spread of the virus to the barest minimum.

People can use the Track and Trace to observe symptoms and their involvement with other people. This can be done by;

  1. Download the application onto your phone. The application uses Bluetooth signals to prompt people if they are in too much proximity to others
  2. The application also grants users to key in their symptoms and based on those symptoms, they are advised on what next to do
  3. It also allows users to track and trace all persons who have been in contact with and have contracted the Covid-19 virus. They are advised to self-isolate for at least 10 days

NHLS Registration

To register at the National Health and Laboratory Service, the applicant must first make sure they have or know the following details readily available.

  1. An active email address
  2. Residential address
  3. Passport number
  4. Employment details
  5. Educational qualifications

To register;

  1. Visit the official website of the NHLS at: https://aarms.nhls.ac.za/NHLS_AARMS/Public/Register.aspx
  2. Tap on the registration icon
  3. Fill and complete all empty spaces with the correct information only
  4. Applicants must make sure every detail keyed in is the true
  5. Submit the form after you have completed filling the form

NHLS Trakcare

The National Health and Laboratory Services provides a wide array of services to the general public and one of them is Trakcare. Trakcare is a transformative care delivery and patient-friendly application that aims to provide health services to all health institutions in South Africa.

Trakcare uses built-in technology and software to give clinical, administrative, and financial information to patients which is to help them in making informed health choices.

Again, Trakcare affords doctors the chance to have information about their patients via electronic means which is a lot easier as compared to the traditional means.

The best news is that Trakcare does not require users to download any application. It is a web-based system that has been appropriately designed to better improve the health care of South Africans.

How To Search For The Results of Patients With Trakcare

  1. Visit the NHLS webpage at: https://trakcarelabwebview.nhls.ac.za/trakcarelab/RDdefault.htm
  2. To view your Trakcare lab results, sign in with your unique username and password at: https://trakcarelabwebview.nhls.ac.za/trakcarelab/csp/system.Home.cls#/Component/SSUser.Logon
  3. To search for the patient’s result by keying in one or more parameters provided by the webpage. Remember the data that will come up will depend on what you keyed in
  4. Information on the said patient will appear on the screen for viewing
  5. Log out after that. Note that you will be logged out after 15 minutes of inactiveness

NHLS Labtrak Registration

The National Health and Laboratory Service Labtrak is one of the inventions of the NHLS. This medical software lab has features that grant users the freedom to track their samples which includes test panels of physicians, analysis of data, and lab instrument interface.

Labtrak also supports businesses during working hours which is done online. It is available as Windows software that aids in bringing an orderly atmosphere to the workplace. Labtrak is designed to equally help to improve the general health care service of South Africa.

To register for NHLS Labtrak;

  1. Visit the NHLS official website at: https://www.nhls.ac.za/
  2. Proceed to request a registration form from the website
  3. Fill and complete the form with all of your required information
  4. Make sure to fill all spaces that have been marked with asterisks carefully and with the right answers only
  5. Note that details will include personal details, employment details, educational details plus more
  6. After all of these are done, proceed to submit your application form
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