How To Check Matric Results Online

There’s always the urge to see how well you performed after sitting for your matriculation examination (Matric). This article is a comprehensive guide for all students who want to check matric results online.  

At this stage, you well know what Matric is. To remind you, it simply means Matriculation; final exams that all students completing secondary school write.

So after writing your matriculation, you’ll want to know when the results will be out for you to check how well you performed. This leads us to the question;

When Does Matric Results Get Released

The answer is simple. Matric Exams results are usually released at midnight on the scheduled date of the year under review. That means, before you wake up in the morning on the scheduled date, you can right away check your matric results online.

So, this brings us to the bigger question. 

How To Check Matric Examination Results Online

This is the bigger question, how to check metric examination results online? In this section, we are showing you how to check your matric examination results online.

Access to the internet has made it far easier to check matric results online. You can use devices like smart phone, laptop or desktop once they can access the internet to check matric examination results. 

Matric results are released on the following websites where you can access to see your metric results. 

The websites are the Department of Basic Education (DoBE) and that of Independent Education Board (IEB). 

More also, students can access matric exam results at website and EWN Metric

So, in your own comfort zone and time, you can check your matric results for each subject and the overall performance of the aggregate score. 

Other Ways To Check Matric Results 

As much as it’s easier and more comfortable to check matric results online, there are also alternative ways to check metric results. These other ways include;

  1. Matric results are usually published on the local dailies after they are released.
  2. You can also access metric results by SMS. With this, you need to dial *120*35658# on your phone. 

Note: With the SMS code, you’ll need to register for the SMS method for checking matric results via the SMS code.

  1. The traditional way, is to check your matric results from the secondary school you attended. 

Remember: The results may not be available in your school as early as possible from the date the results are released. However, you can still check your matric results from your secondary school few days after they are released.

These are all about how to check matric results online. 

What Next After Checking Metric Results Online

The fact is there are two definite outcomes that are realized from matric examination. They are either you pass or fail. 

When you pass, you automatically get the opportunity to continue your education to the tertiary/university. 

On the other hand, a fail in matric exams is another whole sphere of education experience.  

Whichever the outcome of your matric examination results may be, there are options for you to survive in your education. 

How? Well, you can seek alternative approaches by opting for NationalQualifications Framework (NQF 4), enroll for a bridging course, or even join an extended degree program. 

Right, you know all about how to check metric results online and other options available for the outcome results of matric examination.

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