Guzzle South Africa – How To Register And How It Works

Guzzle South Africa has grown to become a household name in South Africa, and you might have probably heard about it from your peeps quite a number of times.

Although you might have heard about Guzzle from your peeps as I earlier indicated, you might have a little knowledge base about what actually Guzzle is.

If you happen to be one of such people, then be prepared to know mind-blowing and sensational stuff about Guzzle as I will be dedicating this article to educating you about the activities of Guzzle.

As mentioned in the earlier section, I will be educating you on the activities of Guzzle and I will do my possible best to touch on all important areas, and what I would need from you is your dedication to reading this lovely article that has been carefully curated for you.

What is Guzzle

You might probably be wondering by now what exactly that Guzzle is. Well, Guzzle is an online platform where you can shop without any stress. The mind-blowing thing about Guzzle is that all the major shops are listed as retailers on the platform, and this actually gives you the chance to compare, contrast, and decide on what you want to buy by looking at the different prices listed by the various popular retail shops.

On Guzzle, you are assured of seeing various products from some of the top retailers that you can ever find in South Africa. The platform has been in existence for more than a decade as it started its operations in South Africa in the year 2011. It was established by renowned entrepreneurs, Ric Meulemans and Oliver Bryant who saw the gap in the online trading space and wanted to close it.

How Guzzle Operates

Bear in mind that, how Guzzle operates is extremely simple. In simple terms, the platform lists various products that users can buy. In broader terms, there are an overwhelming number of products listed on the platform with the number of products on the platform exceeding 30,000 products.

The overwhelming number of products is due to the fact that there are several big retail shops with numerous products. Imagine having ten retail shops with each shop listing over 2000 products and this explains how big Guzzle is when it comes to the online shopping space in South Africa.

One important thing to note as a customer is that Guzzle does not sell the products to you directly. For instance, if you are on the platform and you are interested in buying a product, all you have to do is to locate the retailer and purchase your product. The transaction of the product that you purchase does not pass through Guzzle directly so before going visiting the

Guzzle website, do not see it as the other E-commerce platforms where payments are done through the platform.

Simply put, Guzzle gives you the opportunity to check the prices of similar products from quite a number of retailers, and based on your findings, you then make a better and more informed decision about what you want to buy.

How To Register On Guzzle

We have now established how Guzzle works and at this point, you might have a fair idea about Guzzle. One question that you might have is about how was it possible for Guzzle to get all the major brands in South Africa listed on the platform.

Well, we will be taking a look at how these brands were able to be on Guzzle in this section of the article, but first, note that these brands went through some form of registration before they were listed on the platform.

What will make a brand register to be on Guzzle is the fact that the platform has an enormous number of monthly users and approximately, and the number of users on the platform every month is not less than ten million.

With the above figure, you can realize that you will be doing your business a massive good if you have your products listed on Guzzle because you will be able to reach a larger audience in addition to your traditional method of selling.

For a person who is looking forward to buying something, Guzzle will aid you in your decision-making as the platform will expose you to the best prices.

Before you can be able to use the Guzzle platform, you must first have an account and there are two ways through which you can create an account on Guzzle. These two ways are;

Using the Guzzle App – This involved downloading and installing the Guzzle app from your phone store (Google PlayStore on Android and AppStore on iPhones). Once you get this installed, proceed to create an account. After creating the account, you can be able to add the location of your store and other details of your store to your profile. One other thing you can do here is to add products and this can be done by clicking the ‘PLUS (+)’ sign. You will need to enter the product name and other details before you can save the products so you must do so accordingly.

Using the Guzzle Web App – You can use the Guzzle web app via the URL, www., and when the window opens, you must create an account so you will need to locate the register button and proceed to register. After registering, all that is left is to add your business details as well as the details of the products you want to sell.

Retailers That Work With Guzzle

As mentioned initially, there are quite a number of retailers on Guzzle, and every retailer on Guzzle has a specific price for the products that are listed. What is means is that a shirt from one retailer will have a different price from the same shirt from another retailer.

Below are some of the retailers on Guzzle;

Food Lover’s Market Game

Leroy Merlin Makro Checkers
Mr Price Home Pick n Pay Shoprite

Guzzle Contact

The management of Guzzle has also made it possible for anyone who wants to contact them to do so and below are the contact details of Guzzle;

Cape Town, NA – South Africa, South Africa 021 468 7258

Additionally, you can visit the URL, and follow the instructions on the page to contact Guzzle.

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