17 Hilarious Pet Costumes That Are Sure to Make You Giggle

Looking to spread some laughter in your neighborhood this Halloween? Look no further than these hilarious Halloween pet costumes! I still remember the joy on my daughter’s face when she first grasped the humor of a dog dressed as a hot dog. She giggled for weeks! Now, whenever she spots a neighbor walking their dog, she excitedly exclaims, “Here comes the hot dog!” and shares a laugh all over again!

To reminisce about those precious moments with her and witness the joy on the faces of other toddlers, kids, and preschoolers, investing in adorable pet costumes is truly priceless! Below are some costume ideas, including easy DIY options, guaranteed to bring smiles as you go trick-or-treating!


This is absolutely hilarious! It’s perfect for Fido, or even a pet raccoon! Although originally designed as a costume for a stuffed bear, this hotdog ensemble also works brilliantly as a pet costume for your smaller furry friends.

Check out this dog’s awesome Umbreon costume! She’s such a good sport. Her owner even put her in a classic Umbreon pose and she stood still!

Once again, there’s the classic Darth Vader! It looks absolutely perfect on a black pug – he’s all set to join his father for some trick-or-treating adventures! You can find pet Darth Vader costumes available in a range of sizes, ensuring there’s something for every small dog and furry friend!

Witness Thor to the Rescue! Marvel at the ingenuity of using scraps of felt and craft foam to fashion this Avengers pet costume, transforming even a bearded dragon into the all-powerful Thor!

Pet Lion Costumes. Bring out the lion in your kitty with this Cat Lion Mane Wig.  It blends easily into most cat fur making it look almost real!

Miss Piggy Costume, for the piggy (or even the small cat) in your life!! Use a pet “dress” along with a small pet blond wig to pull off this costume!

Transform your pet into Yoda! As avid Star Wars enthusiasts, this costume holds a special place among our favorites (although not modeled by our own pet).

See how this puppy parent used felt, glue, and feathers to craft a comical flying costume!

All you require is liquid chalk! Isn’t this the most adorable pet costume you’ve come across? These monster pet costumes are safe for pets and are suitable for even the darkest fur shades.

Walking Teddy Bear Costume. Doesn’t this pup look adorable? The costume is super simple to pull off


DIY Pet Skeleton Costume Idea: This is particularly awesome for large dog breeds with dark fur like canines. Utilize white glow-in-the-dark body paint (which is non-toxic and long-lasting, pet-safe) to craft the “bones” of your pet.

Harry Potter Costume Idea: Simply grab a piece of fuzzy brown fabric, a tiny scarf (a small piece of fabric will do), and a pair of doll eyeglasses! So adorable!

Relive the 90s craze this Halloween by dressing up your pet as a Beanie Baby! Just add a red bow and a TY card for the perfect nostalgic touch!

Let’s simplify Halloween costumes! Dressing up your pet as a slinky is easy, cheap, and absolutely adorable! Just get a rainbow slinky that fits pets and small dog breeds up to 7 inches in diameter, and you’re all set!


Absolutely adorable! This costume idea is both creative and budget-friendly. All you need are some basic items that you likely already have at home or can easily find at your local dollar store: a shower cap, a pair of reading glasses as an accessory, and a brightly colored T-shirt. Transform your little one into a cute wolf in no time!

What a delightful and simple pet costume idea! Transform your furry friend into Bambi with just a little white body paint. This costume is not only easy to create but also super adorable. Your pet will surely turn heads and steal hearts with this enchanting


Is it Zorro or a magician? You decide! This pet costume is a breeze to assemble. Gather a small children’s mask, a tiny hat, and some black fabric or a bandana for a cape. With these simple items, your pet can transform into a dashing Zorro or a mesmerizing magician in no time!

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