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UP Application Status – As a student applying to universities or institutions of higher learning becomes frustrating and more tedious for them to get along with some of the terms, processes, and documents they ought to present to complete their application forms. Sometimes, choosing the programs they want to offer becomes a problem because everything is out there, and they have to sieve what they need from the lot.

Also, after UP applications are submitted, the question of what next rotates in the minds of applicants. Are you anxious about what decision was made about your application status? The answers to your questions are inside this article, as we have documented the step-by-step guidelines to track your application status. 

The University of Pretoria commonly referred to as UP, is one of the leading universities in Africa. It beats all other universities and comes on top as the most prominent contact university when it comes down to South Africa.

The University focuses on producing determined graduates with zeal and equally knowledgeable with the know-how to solve economic, social, and human cankers in South Africa and Africa and the world as a whole; after all, it is the University. It is founded on research, so it has done its best to walk the talk over the years.

The number of study programs at UP is 1357; the undergraduate pass rate is 83.5%, employability rate is 93%, with 267000 alums.

The school has nine faculties, with 120 academic departments offering varied courses. There is a wide array of programs for everyone. If you enroll at the University of Pretoria, you are not on the wrong path.

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On the other side, before applicants submit their application to the University of Pretoria, they must first access the prospectus. The prospectus plays a vital role in information regarding courses offered, application dates, and the rules and regulations governing the University. 

So folks, always remember to access the UP prospectus before starting your application process. In this article, we have outlined the stages an applicant can use to access the UP prospectus.

University of Pretoria Prospectus

The University of Pretoria has made available its prospectus, which can be downloaded, printed, or viewed. The prospectus comes in two forms: the Undergraduate Prospectus, Postgraduate Prospectus, and International Prospectus.

The content of the Undergraduate prospectus includes;

  • Contact information of the school
  • Banking details of the school
  • Admission requirements
  • Rating Scale
  • Undergraduate Programmes

To download, click HERE

The  content of the Postgraduate prospectus includes;

  • Chancellor’s examination and Timetable
  • Postgraduate Programmes and Postgraduate Tvet programs
  • Postgraduate support

To download, click HERE

The  content of the International prospectus includes;

  • Online application processes
  • Undergraduate programs
  • Special package offer package to academic achievers

To download, click HERE

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Duration Before UP Responds To Applicants

Once you fill, complete, and submit your application forms, it probably will take up to 15 working days for the University to respond to your application. This is when you receive an email with your student’s number included. 

However, it may take six to eight weeks to know if you have been accepted into the University. This means applicants can check six or eight weeks following the closing dates of the application.

UP Application Status – How to Check

To check your UP application status, the university has designed a UP application status portal that applicants can access to track their UP application status 2022. Below are the steps to track your application status

  1. Click on this
  2. Key in your username and your password
  3. Submit and wait to get feedback from the system regarding how far gone your application is
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