Steps To Renew Your Drivers Licence in South Africa

Getting your driver’s license is one thing that requires a good amount of routine processes and so obviously having to renew it would equally come with processes. 

Thankfully, things have been made so easy now thanks to the advent of the internet and people can as well renew their driver’s license virtually. This post is to attend to all the possible questions that come with renewing your driver’s license and the processes one must go through to have it done.

 The article has been broken down into the simplest of terms to meet the immediate understanding of all and sundry.

Renewal Requirements

Just like many other things, renewing your driver’s license requires that you have specific documents that are needed to complete the process be it online or offline.

It should be noted that a driver’s license does not expire but the card does expire every five years and by law, it is required for drivers to have their license handy whenever they are driving or using the road.

To renew your driver’s license, you should have the following readily available;

  1. First and foremost, you should have in a hand an identification card either a valid South African passport or your current driver’s license even if it has expired
  2. Two photographs: passport-sized and in black and white. If the applicant wants a temporary license, then they are required to produce three passport-sized pictures also in black and white
  3. A residential address which will include proof. This includes receipts of utility bills or cell phone bills. In a case where these are in a third party’s name, they have to swear an affidavit and attach it to the form
  4. In an instance where the applicant lives in an informal residence, they ought to produce a letter with an official date stamp from the manager of the residence to confirm that you indeed live there
  5. Proof of application fee. Applicants must bear in mind that this fee is different from province to province. In Western Cape, for instance, it is estimated at R140 and an extra R40 for a temporary license in a case where your license has already expired
  6. Applicants will also be required to fill out a green application for renewal which is made available at testing centers

How Much Does It Cost To Renew Driver’s Licence?

Driver’s License renewal differs from province to province. This means that what drivers in say Western Cape will pay for the renewal of their license is most likely will be different from what drivers in Pretoria will pay.

In Kwazulu Natal, the cost of renewal is between R250-R300 with a temporary license cost of R90. In Johanessburg, the renewal cost is between R228 and R260 with temporary license costs between R72 and R100. For Capetown, renewal is between R185 and R185 which includes temporary license costs whereas, in Mpumalanga, the renewal cost is between R185-R250.

Applicants are advised to check with the DLTC offices in their province for renewal rates and charges.

Where Can I Renew Driver’s Licence?

Finding a place to renew your driver’s license is one of the easiest things to do. It comes on a platter of gold as avenues have been created to make the task a lot easier and fast.

  1. Drivers can renew their license at any Driving License Testing Center
  2. Again, drivers can also renew their license in some selected post offices
  3. Drivers can also renew their license online

All that is required of them is to have the renewal requirements and make sure they have inquired about places convenient and within proximity to them to renew their licences.

How to Renew a Driver’s Licence

Ideally, drivers are advised to renew their license four weeks before its expiry date to avoid any unforeseen contingencies. To renew your license, there are certain steps one needs to follow before they complete the entire renewal process. Below are the steps;

  1. Visit the nearest DLTC office for an application form. Make sure to fill out and complete the form with only the correct answers
  2. The next step is an eye test. The optometrist will take you through a series of eye tests which is to confirm your validity to use the road as a driver
  3. Provided you pass all the eye tests accurately, you will then proceed to make the necessary payment
  4. Applicants must note that only cash is excepted and no cards will be accepted
  5. It usually takes between 6-and 8 weeks for the processing of the driver’s license. Once it is ready, an SMS will be sent to the applicant and he or she will proceed to pick it up. If for any reason you are not available to pick it up yourself, you can send someone with an affidavit explaining why you are unavailable to pick it up yourself
  6. Applicants must note that applying for a renewal after the expiry of the license will not attract a fine. However, they will be made to pay an extra charge for a temporary license

Can I Renew My Driver’s License Online in South Africa?

The right answer is yes. You can renew your driver’s license online. This can be done as long as the picture on the license is still valid. This picture is however valid for 10 years after which an applicant can no longer use it to renew online until they have it changed.

To renew your license online, kindly click on this link:

How To Book Driver’s License Renewal Online

  1. Firstly, you have to visit this link
  2. Once you are there, proceed to select the province where you will like to go to for the renewal. You are allowed to choose between Eastern Cape and Gauteng because they are the only provinces as it stands that allow for drivers to book online
  3. Proceed to select the reason for the booking that is if it is for renewal or any other thing
  4. After that, fill in the blank with the required information. You are also permitted to choose a date that will be convenient for your the meeting

How Long Should I Wait Before Renewing my Driving Licence Card Before it Expires?

Drivers are advised to renew their license four weeks before it expires. Renewing an expired driver’s license will not attract a fine but a driver will bear an extra cost which will be used for the provision of a temporary driver’s license.

How Long Can You Drive With An Expired Driver’s License?

Per the rule of the National Road Traffic Act, drivers can use their expired license for up to three months. This grace period starts from the very day their license expires. After this period has passed and the license is still not renewed, punitive measures will be instituted.

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