How To Check Your NSFAS Application Status

National Student Financial Scheme widely known as NSFAS is the biggest bursary for higher education in South Africa. With a yearly annual budget of ZAR30 billion, it is accepted that indeed the bursary scheme has grown since its inception in the year 1999.

NSFAS has helped most tertiary students during their stay in university with the cost of living, learning materials, and hostel fees through the funding of the Department of Higher Education and Training.

Applying to NSFAS is the first basic step after going through their requirements but have you thought of how do I get to know if my application was accepted or declined by the authorities of NSFAS? 

Though NSFAS application is in two ways, through the online method or in-person submission an applicant can also check their NSFAS application status online. 

Guide To Check NSFAS Application Status

If you have recently applied to NSFAS and wondering what to do next? Are you desperately waiting for a response? Then look no further as in this article we have outlined the steps one can use to track/check NSFAS application status

Step 1

Kindly visit NSFAS’s official website via 

Step 2

Once the website is fully loaded, scroll your mouse cursor to the far top right corner and click on “myNSFAS” which would open a new tab

Step 3

Once the new tab is fully opened, enter your username/password and click on sign in 

Step 4

Now scroll your mouse cursor to “TRACK FUNDING PROGRESS” and click

NB: There are some terminologies that are mostly used during checking NSFAS application status. Below is an explanation of all the terms and what they mean as far as NSFAS application status is concerned. 

Also, these terminologies are what an applicant should expect in relation to checking their NSFAS application status. 

Application Submitted – This simply means an applicant has successfully gone through all the application process successfully 

Filtering – With this basically what it means is the system scrutinizing if you are returning student to know if you have the previous qualification

Validation – At this notification, an applicant must know authorities of NSFAS are doing third party checks with SASSA and the Department of Home affairs

Evaluation – This is where all documents submitted by an applicant are verified

Fund Eligibility – NSFAS must verify your household financial status as declared during your application submission

Awaiting Academic Results/Admission – During this stage is where NSFAS checks your results as well as your institution admission status

Awaiting Registration – This is where NSFAS creates a bursary agreement after getting data from your institution. 

Signing of Agreement – This is the relieving stage. This is when an applicant signs an agreement with NSFAS so as to start payment of allowances. 

Payments: At this stage is when students smile. Finally, payment would be made via NSFAS mobile wallet system or with your institution. 

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