A Square-Wheeled Bicycle And Other Crazy Ideas That Surprisingly Worked

Have you ever heard of a square-wheeled bicycle? Sounds nuts, right? Well, there’s a wild world of crazy ideas that worked! Imagine pedal-pushing on a bike with square wheels and thinking, “This might just be genius.” From wacky inventions to offbeat concepts, these unconventional ideas prove that thinking outside the box – or in this case, the wheel – can lead to some surprisingly successful outcomes. It’s a reminder that innovation often comes from embracing the absurd and daring to be different.

Square-Wheeled Bicycle

No need to reinvent the wheel they say. Funnily it’s been recently reinvented. There’s a bicycle with square wheels and it’s not a modern art objective stored in a fancy Museum nope. It’s functioning every day. Means of transport and yeah it goes smoothly.

Here’s a secret behind this weird bike. You got to know these Square Wheels don’t actually rotate. Take a closer lppk at their design the outside of the wheel is fitted with a track and it’s that track that moves around the entire Fram not the whee so as the rider pedals the track moves and rotates around the frame.

It reminds us of a treadmill and technically both the treadmill and and these square wheels work pretty much in the same way well this invention looks pretty safe


Guess now look at this weird-shaped robot. What do you think it’s made for a new toothbrush designed by a French company called Y Brush? The company claims the brush thoroughly cleans teeth well. It does save a bit of time usually the dentist say that you have to clean your teeth for about 2 minutes twice a day. This device can clean all of your teeth in only 10 seconds.

The toothbrush which was first introduced at consumer electronics show in 2017 and is now available on Amazon for us customers features 35,000 soft nylon filaments that brush all teeth simultaneously at a 45 angle while the American Dental Asso recommends brushing teeth twice a day for 2 minutes using a soft bristle toothbrush the Y brush was developed with assistance of dentist over 4 years and is available in adult and kid sizes it’s not that easy to change

BMW Vision D

It’s not that easy to change the color of your car. It takes a lot of time effort and expertise to do that but it seems like soon it won’t be an issue any longer to meet a color-changing car. Do you want it blue today blue today no problem. Maybe you prefer red easy peasy about a yea ago BMW presented a concept but they went from a monochromatic concept to a verifiable rainbow of various shades and tints in just a year check out this electric sports sedan concept its called Vision D and it’s like a sneak peek into the future with all sort of cool tech virtual assistance powered by AI and heads up display on the windshield and get this they even threw in a full colour version of ink. Technology something we’ve never seen before from last year’s concept.


There are some smart folks at the University of California, San Diego who are working on a cool new wearable device. This gadget can actually generate a bit of electricity from the sweat on your fingertips and get this it even works while you are dozing off. the way it works is by touching objects with your fingertips like typing on your phone or playing the piano apparently doing these things can help produce more energy after some testing the engineers found that wearing the gadget for 10 hours while snoozing can generate enough juice to power an electronic watch for a full day that’s about 400m of energy. In case you were wondering pretty neat, did you know that around 3 million 


We all know that plastic waste is a major problem. It’s messing with the marine life and our environment in all sorts of ways once it gets into the ocean. But check this scientists from the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague are trying to fix it with self-propelling microbots. These little guys are about the size of a red blood cell and they use solar energy to move around and chew down on Microplastics. It’s like a sci-fi movie coming to life and get this they are making a difference you can see them zipping around in this pick with the blue spots representing the microbots. The dangerous plastics are getting broken down and the environment is getting cleaned up by using visible 

Shaving Machine

Light on! Unlike all the previous ideas mentioned in this video this one gained neither success nor nor recognition back in the day. Dude were all about the walrus moustache and beard combo but then like most trends it faded away suddenly it was totally cool to be clean shaven but lets be real who has time for that kind morning routine that’s why hitting up the local barber for a quick shave and shoe shine became the norm the only problem barbers could only serve one customer at a time so some genius came up with the idea of group shaving machine picture this a row of dudes sitting side by side with the machine applying foam to all their faces at once then giant blade would come in and trim all their facial hair in one fell swoop in theory this bad boy could shave 12 dudes at a time but with most things in life there were some downsides the machine couldn’t adjust to different face shapes so some guys ended up with uneven shaves and the worst case scenario cuts and abrasions from that giant blade.

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